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Omer Bayraktar: I love what I do and I do with joy and the love of tango… I understand that because I have fun doing what I do and don’t see as a job.. As a result, I share the songs that I want with my friends…

We continue our journey interviewing the great TangoDJ's around the world. This time we go to Turkey to know Omer Bayraktar has been performing  in Turkey and  in various festivals, marathons and different countries. He has been well known by tango community around Europe for his melodic and powerful music, one of the "must have" DI in any event. 
He has a unique taste of music selection among the wide tango music history starting from Old Guard to Tango Nuevo.
His major success is that he has a dynamic connection with the dance floor. Well, let's go to discover his secrets.

Q -From the beginning: I suppose that your first approach with tango, like for other dj, was with the dance. What inspired you to get into console and play music? A conscious decision or was the result of chance?
A -When I first start dancing, I had a huge interest for tango music, after a short while, I started collecting tango music and overtime, my interest to tango music expanded. With my friend’s requests, I started playing at practicas and then milongas, now, I play as regular dj in various milongas and events.
Q -What were your early taste of tango? There are significant differences with the current scene? Do you remember your first like tango dj?
A -When I first started playing, Tango Nuevo music was popular. Therefore, I preferred playing rhythmic songs and it was easier for tango dancers, however, the more I got familiar with orchestras, I started playing 1930-1950’s and nuevo tango.. now, I play mostly 1930-40’s , and I only play the newest orchestras (El Arranque, Color Tango, Hugo Diaz, Quinteto Real,…) that I enjoy so much since I am very picky about music.
Q -The difficulty of the search for songs on cd often burned, the explosion of the Web and the consequent relatively easy to find in the music. Do you think this paradigm shift has changed the way of working of the DJ?
A -Of course it got easier thanks to playing from digital platforms since it is way easier to find the songs, and all the information that is provided… It is all comes to this.. When I play from my computer, I have access to all my library… however, when someone plays from the cd or cassette, they only have the access of playing from the same cd or they have to be really quick and change the cd that they wanted to play…so of course it got easier 
Q -When you build your performance? Long ago, during the journey to the milonga, or sudden moment by moment?
A -I plan the whole night as one but I can change every thing that ı was planned because of the dancers energy. Of course now it is easier to say for me since I have been dj’ing for a while and of course I have my ways to keep people happy…
Q -Have you ever played in a boring night? Have you you understand too late that perhaps the milonga could not give you the right motivation and you could not wait to finish?
A -Yes, many times…however, I tried to make people happy as much as I could
Q -Do you accept whatever you offer or try to make a selection preferring location and fascinating evening with friends?
A -If the request is coming from a friend, I for sure play at the milonga, if the request is coming from an organizer, I pick the location but usually I am pretty easygoing… 
Q -How would you define your style? It has evolved over time? And in which direction? What can influence you in an evening, the audience, the dancers, the acoustics of the location, the duration of your performance...
A -Of course I think that my style has changed overtime since I learned and practice a lot… Most importantly, I love what I do and I do with joy and the love of tango… I understand that because I have fun doing what I do and don’t see as a job.. As a result, I share the songs that I want with my friends…

Q -Do you prefer playing alone or sharing the night with a / colleague. Generally prefer to work alone, or with friends who you feeling? Or, you love the thrill of experimenting with a colleague ever heard until then?
A -Always I would like to play myself during the night but if there is a special occasion, I always want to play with my friends and enjoy the night together
Q -If someone asks you the name of a track you say it to him, perhaps suggesting where the CD is included, or invite him to venture into the trouble of searching?
A -I always respond to them, it is my pleasure

Q -The public bothers you with absurd requests: what do you do? Are you a jukebox?
A -Yes, people are making different comments or requests, if their requests are the songs that I also like and enjoy, I also like to play when it is the right place and the right time of the night

Q -Do you like to dance and listen to your colleagues enjoy the selections and styles of others from your performances?
A -I like it very much to dance my friend’s music

Q -Do you believe that the art of “musicalizador” is different for geographic areas? Argentina, USA, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean ... or is it similar in every countries?
A -It is of course changing countries to countries…but the most important thing is to analyze the floor and make people dance endlessly and make them enjoy their night…
Q -Would you like to have a milonga just for you, furnish it with the appropriate facility to your desires, try to create a wave that satisfies you over to play when you want and create a calendar of events to measure your tastes?
A -If I would fine a very nice location that I can make people fly with the enthousiasm of the night, of course, I would like to do, but I also enjoy playing at my friend’s milongas..
Q -The classic point-blank questions you have to answer, you cannot refuse:
Three orchestras that cannot miss in one evening.


Your three favourite orchestras, which may also be different from the previous ones.

I would like to repeat D’Arienzo again
Lucio Demare
Osvaldo Fresedo

Suggest a tanda of tango instrumental, a tanda of tango singer, one of vals and milonga.
Melodia porteña (Juan D'Arienzo)
La Catrera (Juan D'Arienzo)
El Rey Del Compas (Juan D'Arienzo)
El Resero (Juan D'Arienzo)

Mi Reflexion (Francisco Canaro, Reliquias - 20 Exitos Canta: Carlos Roldán)
Guitarra (Francisco Canaro, Reliquias - 20 Exitos Canta: Carlos Roldán)
Mariposa Nocturna (Francisco Canaro, Reliquias - 20 Exitos Canta: Carlos Roldán)
Queja Indiana (Francisco Canaro, Reliquias - 20 Exitos Canta: Carlos Roldán)

Barreras de Amor (Roberto Firpo)

Mariana (Ricardo Malerba)

What are the three bands or singers you can not stand?
Sexteto Major
Lita Morales

What is the band most underrated by the general public and which is the most overrated?
Sexteto Milonguero is the most overrated
I don’t think any of the orchestras are underrated

Your top three nights (in your opinion of course …)
1st night of DJ’ing
Tango Magia 2008, when I Dj’ed
Tango To Istanbul Maslak Venue Milonga where I Dj’ed again
We are less serious: Last night a dj saved my life. The DJ rule is sexy? Have you ever had a relationship with some fans and some flirt with your colleagues?


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